Upgrade from IR Thermometers to FLIR i3

Product Announcement from FLIR

Upgrade from IR Thermometers to FLIR i3 -Image

The New FLIR i-Series Compact Thermal Cameras for Building Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance

  • Now More Powerful and More Rugged
  • Still the Most Affordable
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Quality Thermal Images and Data

The most affordable point-and-shoot infrared cameras just got better, featuring:

  • Higher resolutions for more detailed images and measurements
  • Wider fields of view for quicker scans of larger areas
  • And a more rugged design for tough environments

Get more with the all new FLIR i-Series - putting high-quality, cost-effective thermal imaging in the hands of those who need it most.

Now energy auditors, building inspectors, electrical contractors, predictive maintenance specialists, HVAC professionals, insulation experts, restoration contractors, and many more can have fast, accurate, easy-to-use thermal imaging every day.


The new FLIR i3 couples impressive 3,600 pixels (60 x 60) infrared resolution with a 12.5° x 12.5° field of view, 2% accuracy and <0.15°C at 25°C thermal sensitivity--a robust combination of capabilities to quickly detect moisture issues, missing insulation, HVAC leaks, electrical problems, thermal leaks, and numerous energy-audit-related problems.

The compact FLIR i3 reveals abnormal temperature readings with crisp images displayed on a large 2.8" (71mm) high-resolution color LCD. The FLIR i3 leverages FLIR's extensive user input with a fully-automatic design, intuitive menu navigation, and focus-free lens that make it easy to use even for newcomers to thermal imaging. Three measurement modes are available for extensive analysis of job sites: spot (center), area (minimum/maximum), and isotherm (above/below). Image controls include three palette options: iron, rainbow, and black & white.

Up to 5,000 images can be captured and stored on the FLIR i3's MicroSD card (included). Browsing images on the large LCD is easy using FLIR's onboard thumbnail gallery feature. Image transfer to a PC is easy via the MicroSD card or USB connection. Unlike proprietary image formats, FLIR's patented radiometric JPEG format permits you to analyze temperature data directly from a common image format using FLIR's QuickReport™ software (included). Radiometric JPEGs permit sharing images with inspection clients via email attachment, MSWord documents, etc without the inconvenience of cumbersome file export routines.

Weighing 12.8 oz (365 g) with long-lasting, >5-hour battery, the lightweight, easy-grip design ensures maximum ergonomics and minimum fatigue. The FLIR i3 is designed for rough handling with double-molded construction, meeting IP43 dust/splashproof standards, 25G shock rating and 2G vibration rating.

The FLIR i3 infrared camera includes a microsSD card, miniSD adaptor, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with AC adaptor/charger and EU, UK, US, and AU plug, QuickReport™ software, USB mini-B cable, built-in manual lens protector, hand strap, and hard case. The FLIR i3 is available now through distributors and retailers.


The IR Thermometer Comparison: Still looking for problems one spot at a time?
Instead, see the whole picture instantly with a FLIR i3!

There's no reason to keep using outmoded technology to solve the modern-day problems you deal with daily.

IR thermometers (a.k.a. temperature guns) may seem inexpensive and simple, but they only read one average spot measurement at a time, making them painstakingly slow when scanning multiple targets and large areas.

Thermal cameras like i-Series, on the other hand, let you see the whole picture
instantly and provide thousands of precise temperature measurements in every
image. You'll always get accurate readings, even from a distance, making i-Series safer to use during inspections of energized equipment.

Whether you're just getting into thermal imaging, or are so convinced of its effectiveness that you want to outfi t everyone on your crew with an infrared
camera, the new FLIR i-Series is the answer.


FLIR i-Series cameras are covered by our revolutionary 2-5-10 Warranty when registered within 60 days of purchase (see details at FLIR.com).

  • 2 Years parts and labor on the camera
  • 5 Years coverage on the battery
  • 10 Years protection on the detecto

Only FLIR can give you peace of mind with a warranty program like this, because only FLIR makes all of the camera's critical components from the ground up.