IR Camera For Building and Home Inspection Video

Product Announcement from FLIR

 IR Camera For Building and Home Inspection Video-Image

FLIR thermal cameras show you exactly where the problems are quickly so you can focus on detecting energy waste, moisture and electrical issues. It’s the cost-effective and easy way to help save your customers money and expand your opportunities.

 Choose the infrared camera that is right for you:

FLIR i3, i5 & i7 Infrared Cameras

Starting at only $1,195, FLIR i-Series point and shoot thermal cameras are easy-to-use, lightweight, and very affordable – the most cost-effective way to add infrared images and temperature data to any toolbox.

FLIR E30bx - E60bx Infrared Cameras

The fast and powerful new FLIR E-Series bx is revolutionizing the way compact, professional thermal cameras capture, analyze and share images and data. Featuring touchscreen tools and Wi-Fi connectivity.

FLIR T420 bx and T440 bx Infrared Cameras

Flexible FLIR T-Series bx high-performance cameras feature superior thermal resolution and an ergonomic rotating optical block that helps you capture shots from tough angles comfortably, and now include Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices.

FLIR T620 bx and T640 bx Infrared Cameras

The innovative FLIR T620 bx and FLIR T640 bx add a new level of high performance thermal imaging with 640 × 480 resolution for greater image detail and accuracy, a 4.3 touchscreen, Wi-Fi mobile device connectivity, and more.