Blending Systems for Bulk Material Handling

Product Announcement from FLSmidth

FLSmidth's Central Inverted Cone uses air-assisted gravity blending to achieve continuous blending with low power consumption. Multiple outlet gravity discharge combined with central cone construction gives advanced gravity blending and storage with a power consumption as low as 0.25 to 0.5 kWh/metric ton of cement raw meal. Open Airslide® conveyor sections in the flat annulus ensure full clean-out when required.

Our Random Flow™ Gravity Blending System consists of six pie-shaped sectors (each subdivided into six aeration zones) in a timed discharge pattern provide continuous blending with the lowest energy gravity blending silo available. Power consumption on cement raw meal can be as low as 0.07 kWh / metric ton. When an aeration zone is activated, layers are mixed through a funnel effect as material in the zone flows to its designated collection point on the gathering Airslide® conveyor. The inverted cone prevents material exiting without flowing through a collection point. New and retrofit installations are available with minimum downtime.

Air blending via our Airmerge™ blending system is achieved by use of a porous membrane over the entire bin bottom, four (4) or eight (8) air plenums and a simple flow control system enable the mixing action. Together they change the density of material in the fluidized bed of material to generate a gentle folding action and a near perfect blend. Airmerge blenders can be designed for batch or continuous operation to meet your requirements.

Our Column blender consists of a fully fluidized cone, an upper and lower air plenum and an open-ended central column to enable the principle of air blending to be applied to even the most difficult materials. The fluidizing air enters the cone beneath the column, reducing the density of the material within, which is displaced upward as the denser material from the annulus of the cone flows inward. This “fountain-flow” gives a radial circulation capable of blending dry ultrafine powders, coarser sandy materials and products with a wide particle size distribution.