High Capacity Ship and Barge Unloading

Product Announcement from FLSmidth

All vacuum arms are NOT created equal. FLSmidth's proven design and performance makes our DOCKSIDER™ shipunloader the most versatile and most advanced pneumatic ship unloader in the world. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) identifies and strengthens stress points. State-of-the-art PLC control systems operate all of the unloading functions automatically. Our ship unloaders are environmentally-friendly-material is fully encapsulated in a system of piping, hoses and vessels. Every DOCKSIDER and KOVAKO® ship unloader is backed with a performance guarantee.

Most pneumatic vacuum unloading arms have evolved from cranes designed for vertical lifting and are fabricated from high-tensile steel. When these arms are under high loads and forces resulting from manipulation through dry-bulk powders they can fatigue and crack very quickly. FLSmidth uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and performs full kinematic studies to identify and strengthen stress points on the DOCKSIDER and KOVAKO ship unloader arms during the design phase to prevent the arm from failing during operation.


All DOCKSIDER and KOVAKO ship unloaders have modern PLC control systems which control all of the unloading functions automatically using easy-to-navigate touchscreens. The control systems have built-in features to monitor operational status, process settings, historical production data, alarms and maintenance requirements. It can even simulate operating conditions and test the components and sub systems, ensuring that your unloader is ready to work when you are.

From the time it enters the vacuum nozzle to the time it reaches its storage destination, the material is fully encapsulated in a system of piping, hoses and vessels – making DOCKSIDER and KOVAKO ship unloaders among the most environmentally-friendly transfer systems in the industry.

The filtration system is either integral with the transfer kettles or in a separate filter vessel (for dual-pipeline or extra-high capacity applications). Pleated cartridges provide optimal cloth area in a compact design, and jet-pulse cleaning and a PTFE media coating offer maximum durability and efficiency.

Performance you need – GUARANTEED!

With the industry’s continuing demand for increased capacity and for conveying multiple and diverse materials, constant research and development is critical. Only FLSmidth’s Pneumatic Transport group has a laboratory capable of analyzing various materials – over 160 to date – for the sole purpose of identifying the optimal design for their movement through a pneumatic conveying pipeline. Every DOCKSIDER and KOVAKO ship unloader is backed with a performance guarantee – and FLSmidth’s global reputation for superior quality and exemplary customer service.