Reagent Handling Systems

Product Announcement from FLSmidth

  • Transport and Unloading
  • In-Plant Transfer
  • Flue Duct Injection
  • Boiler Injection

Railcar Unloading

Pressure System

  • For high unloading rate
  • Utilizes under-track hopper to dump entire car, then pressure tanks or feeder/airlocks for line charging
  • Can be designed with dust capture system at hopper

Vacuum System

  • Relatively low rate (10 to 20 STPH)
  • Utilizes hopper pan: either multiple hook-up or manually moved from hopper to hopper
  • Maximum practical hose connection is 8"
  • No need for pit under railcar

Vacuum/Pressure System

  • Increased convey rate compared to vacuum only (20 to 30 STPH)
  • Pressure side either feeder or tank based

Fluid Bed Boiler Injection

  • Powdered limestone
  • Convey rates commensurate with process requirements
  • Pressure conveying in dilute phase - utilizes feeder/airlocks blowers and splitters

Flue Duct Injection

  • System often installed usually as part of an SCR (NO reduction technology)
  • Reagents include hydrated lime, MgO, soda ash
  • Variable system injection rates

In-Plant Transfer

Sample Applications

  • Reagent from long term silo to day bin
  • Reagent prep facility to silo or day bin

Design Features

  • Suitable for all reagent type products
  • Primarily pressure conveying in dilute phase. Utilizes feeder/airlocks, pressure tanks, blowers, divert valves
  • Often used in conjunction with FLSmidth silo aeration systems for fine reagents