Backlit components: Laser marked by FOBA Y.0201-DN

Featured Product from FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving (ALLTEC GmbH)

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Day & night design of painted controls as well as backlit dashboards and buttons requires fast, high-quality and high-precision marking (paint removal). Over the past 25 years, FOBA has established itself as a preferred marking solution for global manufacturers and automotive suppliers. FOBA lasers apply functional marks that convince on various colors, coatings and materials with their utmost black-white brilliance or superior light-dark contrast.

These proven solutions are now being enhanced by a new day & night marking laser especially tailored for demanding paint removal applications: The Y.0201-DN comes with an integrated vision system for increased precision and up to 80 percent less scrap due to marking, and with up to 50 percent shorter process times.* This makes the new high-precision fiber laser marker the new benchmark for the repeatable layered color and paint removal. The marking results are of superior quality, and users can rely on the low operating costs and extra productivity the system ensures.

*compared to similar products on the market


Fields of main application

Controls in day-night-design: The marking appears brilliantly in daylight and is backlit in the dark.


Applications examples:

Automobile and aerospace, Consumer electronics, Home appliances, Cockpit controls, operating/, control consoles and panels, front panels, faceplates, buttons, dashboards, Keys, switches, rocker, switches, rotary controls, Keyboards, Scales, instrument displays


Your product benefits

  • Superior marking quality at 50 percent higher* marking speed + More throughput due to larger marking field + Enhanced application range due to smaller spot size and optimized beam quality (finest, highly precise removal, sharp contours, no melting)
  • Low operating costs thanks to 8 times longer lifetime of laser source** + High uptime due to efficient and low maintenance air cooling, improved beam stability, resistance against critical environmental conditions (i.e. high temperatures) and dust-tight IP64 laser head
  • Shortest setup with Autofocus in the M-Series workstations (3 times faster vs. manual focus finding) and due to intelligent software features (Parameter Matrix Tool, contour offset, mark alignment, etc.)