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INFERNEX® LB-1100 High Temp Baking Enamel

Featured Product from FORREST Technical Coatings

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Forrest’s INFERNEX® product line offers extreme high temperature paint solutions available in powder coatings, solvent-based, or aerosol delivery systems. INFERNEX® is formulated to provide corrosion resistance, adherence, and extreme high temperature durability throughout multiple cycles of thermal shock and UV exposure. As a specified coating for the muffler and exhaust components of a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer, INFERNEX® LB-1100 High Temp Baking Enamel can be used as a direct-to-metal topcoat or as part of a two-coat extreme high temperature coating system. Its unique blend of heat resistant silicone resins and anti-corrosive pigments do not break down under the extreme temperature conditions of an exhaust system environment. INFERNEX® LB-1100 High Temp Baking Enamel is a high solids silicone modified alkyd baking enamel designed for extreme performance. For extra production, use INFERNEX® LP-1100, an alkyd-based barrier coating primer with high-temperature components.

The coating passed a battery of extreme pre-thermal and post-thermal tests for heat resistance (adhesion, hardness, color retention), 3 cycles of cycle temperature testing, 3 cycles of thermal shock resistance (water quench on heated substrate), and moisture testing by means of salt fog resistance (24 hrs). These test results demonstrate extended protection for rapidly heating and cooling parts of agricultural equipment used in outdoor, extreme, and high impact environments.

This product is sprayable and contains an acid catalyst for faster cure and hardness. It also offers surface slip properties that help with mar resistance and surface toughness. It is user friendly and cratering resistant and can be used with almost any spray system. If using the two-coat system with LP-1100, the primer should be air-dried for 2 hours or baked prior to the application of the topcoat.