Five Piece Test Kit Assembly

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Five Piece Test Kit Assembly-Image

Five Piece Test Kit Assembly Machine Data

  • Sort and Feed Five Components
  • Fragile Glass Ampoule Feeding
  • Inline - Intermittent Motion
  • Walking Beam Style Carrier
  • Accommodates Varying Assemblies
  • Inspect - Reject Device
  • Speed Range: Up to 80 Cycles/Min

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Anodized Aluminum Components
  • Complete Interlocked Guard Package
  • Fast Tooless Change-Over
  • PLC Controlled Sequence Logic
  • Operator Interface Terminal
  • Color Coded Light Column

Project Brief:

Sort, feed, orient and assemble a five component “Lead Check” test kit, utilizing three Farason Model SD-18 Disc Sorters to sort and feed an inner plastic tube, a fibrous applicator swab and a cardboard outer sleeve.

A cam-operated walking beam carrier receives the inner plastic tube from the first sorter bowl and moves the part through the assembly process. Ampoules are fed from two Hoppman Model FT-15 Centrifugal Feeders, tooled by Farason, and are inserted into the inner sleeve during the cycle dwell.

After sorting, the fibrous applicator swab is fed into an indexing alignment wheel and subsequently guided by a funneling device as it is inserted into the inner plastic tube. An acetone and methanol mixture is dispensed onto the swab to adhere it to the inner plastic sleeve.

Lastly, the cardboard outer sleeve is sorted, fed and pressed over the inner tube assembly. Systems are designed to suit customer’s specific application.

Flexible Automation Solutions

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Robot and vision integration with Farason work cells performing material handling operations for assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes.

Robot and vision integration with Farason work cells performing material handling operations for assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes.

Farason can pick and place your products with/without, vision,and assemble them utilizing a wide variety of methods.

Did you know that Farason prides itself in providing equipment specially designed to meet or exceed the standards and nuances that are intrinsic to each endustry we serve.

Custom Solutions

If your project requires one or more of the following operations, Farason may be able to help you:

  • Fold
  • Snap
  • Heat seal
  • Open/close
  • Weld
  • Screw
  • Unwind/wind
  • Cut
  • Stamp
  • Press
  • Tuck
  • Tape
  • Blend
  • Unoad/load
  • Label
  • Weigh
  • Vision inspect


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