Length Measuring Counters - Heavy Duty

Featured Product from Fargo Controls, Inc.

Fargo Controls -  length measuring counters offer high visibility and durability. Push button reset, rugged metal housing, high-speed operation and double sided shaft features make them ideal for many industrial applications. Each model includes two black rubber wheels. The feet and inch version has the first digit black-on-white for inches and white-on-black for feet displaying up to 9999ft11. The yard and meter versions have the first digit yellow-on-black and white-on-black for the other digits, displaying up to 9999Y9 or 9999m9

Typical applications including textile machines, winding machines, automatic machines, presses, shearing machines, printing machines, measuring of tape, measuring cloth, paper, extruded material, etc…

Product info at: http://www.fargocontrols.com/Fargo_length%20measuring_HD.html

For electronic counters visit: http://www.fargocontrols.com/counters.html