This Battery-Powered Counter is Just $28.95

Featured Product from Fargo Controls, Inc.

Fargo Controls Inc. has a small size, low-cost Totalizing LCD Counter for today's industrial applications.

Our Totalizing Counters have a small panel footprint and are powered by a lithium battery. They have a 7-digit LCD display, a push button reset and are panel mounted. The reset function can be disabled if desired.

The CH Series accepts a wide range of inputs. This series accepts: non-voltage contact closure/NPN open collector, PNP 6-24VDC or 90-240V AC/DC inputs. It has a one count per pulse function.

These counters are designed as replacements for electro-mechanical counters, applications where no external power is available, event counting and elapse time indicating. Some typical applications include: Amusement machines, dispensing machines, ticket machines, copiers & printers, utility meters, and portable equipment.

List price is $28.95 each. Contact us for quantity pricing.