FARO Prime: best accuracy, best value portable CMM

Product Announcement from FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG

FARO Prime: best accuracy, best value portable CMM-Image

Available in four working lengths and 6-Axis of rotation, the FARO Prime delivers the highest FaroArm® accuracy at an amazing value. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the Prime eliminates the need to tether the device to a laptop. An extended-use battery and composite material construction ensure shop floor durability, day after day. Together, these features make the FARO Prime the ideal solution for measurements in inspection, reverse engineering, CAD-to-part analysis and for anywhere else a high-accuracy, hard-probing measurement solution is needed.

  • Most Common Applications
    • Aerospace: Alignment, Tooling & Mold Certification, Part Inspection
    • Automotive: Tool Building & Certification, Alignment, Part Inspection
    • Metal Fabrication: OMI, First article inspection, Periodic Part Inspection
    • Molding/Tool & Die: Mold and Die Inspection, Prototype Part Scanning
  • Temperature & Overload Sensors
  • Bluetooth Cable-Free Operation
  • Internal Counter Balancing
  • Multi-Probe Capability
  • Extended-Use Battery
  • Benefits