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DC Motor Drives Deep Sea Sensors

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Robust DC Motor Drives Deep-Sea Sensors

Research often means coping with extreme conditions to retrieve the right data. Marine research is a case in point. Underwater sensors that plumb the depths of the world’s ocean have to withstand not only temperature differences but also extreme pressures, yet still deliver
reliable readings. Up until now, measuring devices secured to cables or hawsers have generally been used to record such data. This technique is proven and reliable, but the disadvantage is that the data does not become available until after the devices have been recovered. A different concept used in conjunction with state-of-the-art microdrive systems now allows completely independent recording by free-ranging underwater sensors and virtually online data transmission.

As part of the international Argo project to monitor the oceans of the world, around 2,500 free-ranging floats have been deployed so far. Read Case Study