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DC Motors Enable Outpatient Eye Surgery

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Today, there are many methods of surgery, covering the whole body from head to toe. Eye surgery has now become a standard operation. State-of-the-art technologies, such as laser equipment, have become widespread. All the instruments and apparatus have to be precise and reliable.

A surgical instrument is placed precisely over the eyeball with the aid of a controlled vacuum, and an incision is made in the uppermost layer of the cornea. The resulting circular flap is not detached completely. It remains firmly connected to the cornea, like a hinge. Then the flap is folded to one side; the operating field has now been prepared. This intervention serves to prepare for corrective surgery to restore eyesight and remedy other vision defects using laser beams.

The precision cut is performed by the Amadeus II™ Microkeratome made by Ziemer Group. With precision the blade is moved forward and back by the FAULHABER® stepper motor with PRECIstep®technology  along with a planetary gearhead. A FAULHABER® brushless DC motor causes the blade to oscillate simultaneously. For patients the method is more than an alternative neither glasses nor contact lenses are needed and it is also extremely convenient. Surgery takes place on an outpatient basis in 10 to 15 minutes and is largely pain-free; recovery times are short, and the technique meets stringent safety standards.