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Impressive torque to size to weight ratio

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New Brushless DC Servo Motor Reaches A New Level of Performance

MICROMO is proud to launch the newest FAULHABER brushless DC motor, the 2264 BP4 series. The new 2264 BP4 series motor has an impressive torque to size to weight ratio, and also features integrated sensors and a wide speed range. The 4-pole brushless DC motor offers 59 mNm of continuous torque and weighs only 140 g and measures 22 mm in diameter, 64 mm in length. The 2264 BP4 also reaches speeds up to 34,500 revolutions per minute.


Improved From The Inside

This impressive performance is made possible thanks to the new and innovative segment winding of the coil, which was developed for the brushless DC motors of the BP4 family. The overlapping, nested, individually wound segments, an especially large amount of copper in the coil, plus the high winding symmetry with minimal losses and appropriately high efficiency produce incredible and improved performance and capability. Continue Reading