Multicolor Status Indicator-SemiStat

Product Announcement from Federal Signal Corporation/Industrial Systems

Multicolor Status Indicator-SemiStat-Image

Federal Signal recently introduced SemiStat, the Company's latest innovation in the Federal Signal Status Indicator Family. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of the OEM market but it has plenty of applications amongst end users as well. Originally designed as a low profile signal for use on machines used in the manufacture of semiconductors, the product's "semicircular"; profile makes it ideal for applications where it is installed on a vertical surface such as a machine, wall, or enclosure.

There are two basic SemiStat models: the Tri-Color SemiStat, which features red, amber, and green light modules, and the Quad-Color version with red, amber, green, and blue modules. Also available separately are clear and blue modules. These SemiStat modules feature Federal Signal's brightest 100,000 hour LEDs as the light source. Each SemiStat can be set in a flashing or steady burning mode by the user to meet the needs of his application.

A unique advantage for the SemiStat is the flexibility a user gets when it comes to the sequence, or order, of the colors. The sequence of the modules can be easily changed to suit the application. With no special tools required, the housing cover is simply popped off; the modules are unplugged, and then plugged back in to the desired order.

The product is available with either a chrome or white finish - a nice feature for customers wanting to complement the appearance of their equipment or environment. And each SemiStat is equipped with an integrated Piezo sounder that offers a choice of two beep patterns and a gain control, which produces 60dB at ten feet.