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MS2, Compressed air filter regulator valve

Featured Product from Festo Corporation

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The MS2 regulators and filter regulators are designed to deliver superior controlled performance. Combined with its small size and ultra-light weight enables the MS2 to be installed directly on moving components in dynamic applications such as end of arm tooling. Being so light the MS2 units have negligible, or no, effect on the kinematics of the machine. 

With its optimized design, the MS2 offers big flows in a very small package, delivering up to 350 l/min for the regulator and 310 l/m for the filter/regulator with standard 5 micron filtration. They are very compact and ultra-light weight yet have high flow rates of up to 350 l/min. Installation is a breeze with convenient push to connect porting options. They can be installed directly in the machine for use close to the process for optimized pressure control and control, as required for gripping applications and force control for small parts assembly and testing in the electronics industry.  Installing the MS2 couldn't be easier thanks to the push-to-connect porting options, simply push a 6mm tube into the ports and the MS2 regulator, or filter/regulator, is connected and ready for operation.