Architectural Fiberoptic Lighting Technology

Product Announcement from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

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FTI markets an extensive line of large core side and end emitting fiber for Industrial, architectural, commercial and landscaping applications.

You've probably seen large core side and end emitting fiber in high-end applications such as pools, fountains, or as accent lighting on the outside of buildings, strung on trees, lighted pathways for emergency routes, steps, refrigerated display cases, and a multitude of other applications. The product adapts easily to outdoor applications. Made from synthetic materials, large core fiber is easy to handle and install, safe to use, dramatic in application, with good useful life.

Large Core Side Glow Fiber - How it works:

Side glow fiber technology was first created in a manner similarly used to create Post-It® notes; researchers were looking for one thing, and discovered another. In this case, special chemistry, filling a Teflon tube, does a consistently bad job of transmitting light after it cures. The result is a solid "plastic" material which allows light to leak as it travels along the length of the material. Since the initial discovery, refinements in process and chemistry have been developed to manage this leaking phenomena making it more consistent over specified lengths. The result is a uniform glowing tube, similar in look to neon, with the potential for much more drama, less cost, greatly enhanced safety characteristics, and more flexibility in application. Current enhancements to the technology have evolved to optimize the product for use with LED, as well as HID (Metal Halide) sources.

The product is available in stranded or single diameter configurations. FTI only markets the large core version.

To emit as much of the energy as possible, typical arrangements use a reflective cap at one end, or another light source to maximize brightness.

The raw material is typically manufactured in finite lengths, various diameters, and sold by the spool. Therefore, you should be prepared to specify total required length, diameter and type (End or Side emitting).

Finally, knowing the light source to be used (LED/Metal Halide/Halogen) can help the application engineer make an optimal selection for your consideration.

As a manufacturer FTI provides in depth knowledge of lighting solutions, a breadth of product lines, and the ability to customize lighting with innovative technology. A palette of lighting products for every price range

To learn more about the functions, applications specifications and design considerations of FTI's large core fiber click on the "Product Details" web link on the left. Or e mail us to discuss your project and need