Light Guides for Photoelectric Control

Product Announcement from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

Light Guides for Photoelectric Control-Image

For some types of sensing applications, fiber optic components are used to transmit and receive a light signal, carrying the signal back to a photo sensor, which in turn, actuates an electric control. The overall process senses and reacts to a difference in light intensity to confirm the absence/presence/position of an object.

Fiber optic components protect photoelectric sensors (from heat and harsh environments) and facilitates their use in space-restrictive areas. They may also be used to isolate vibration, keeping the sensor stable in continuous motion applications.

Because fiber optic components can be shaped to match the profile of the object being sensed, they help improve the accuracy of photoelectric control.

Application potential is extensive, sometimes requiring special treatment of the fiber for high temperature, high vacuum and wet/corrosive environments

Fiber optic components may be made from plastic or glass fibers. Glass can transmit infrared wavelengths, and will withstand more abuse. Plastic has better resistance to fatigue in constant motion applications, and may be less expensive to produce

FTI manufactures glass and plastic photoelectric light guides as an aftermarket service or OEM supplier.

Here is a summary of FTI's photoelectric control cable product specifications:

  • Fiber diameter .0018 (30 micron), .002 (50 microns), .0028 (70 micron) (other diameters available upon request)
  • Core-to-clad ratio 90% of core and 10% of clad nominal
  • Temperature range -50°F (-45°C) to 525°F (275°C). High temperature of 825°F (440°C) available
  • Minimum bend radius 2.5 x sheathing O.D.
  • Chemical stability - transmission is unaffected by water, gasoline, engine oil, sulfuric acid and other organic acids
  • Numerical aperture .25, .37, .55, .66, and .83
  • Acceptance angle from 17° to 160°
  • Length - up to 60 feet
  • Active bundle diameters up to 2.0" (25.4 mm
  • End-fittings - stainless steel, aluminum, brass or plastic
  • Sheathing - pvc/monocoil, flexible pvc (no monocoil), flexible interlocking stainless steel, silicone and neoprene (fluorocarbon rubber and hermetically sealed teflon available upon request)
  • Tapers and rod Clad white light carrying rigid optical rod Coherent imaging fused rod, maximum fiber packing results in optimum output and image transfer. Taper to help manage light collection or focus.

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