NEMA 4X HMI Cover.

Featured Product from Fibox Enclosures

Fibox, the world leader in polycarbonate enclosures, presents an innovative view on your controls with the ARCA IPW (Instrument Protection Window).

The IPW allows for easy viewing of meters or displays and affords direct access to HMI controls on any enclosure.

With a working depth of over 3 inches, Fibox's IPW provides an easy to install, secure HMI access point on any enclosure while still retaining it's NEMA 4X classification, just by locking the cover.

The IPW maintains a water and dust-free environment with a dual formed in place polyurethane gasket and a streamline lockable cover.

Sized at 12 x 10 x 3.3, the IPW 1210 is made to the same exacting standards of all Fibox enclosures and is UL listed.

Rugged, UV protected, impact-resistant polycarbonate makes the IPW a robust solution for all cabinets and control panels.