Power MOSFETs for aerospace applications

Featured Product from First Sensor AG

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First Sensor Lewicki GmbH has been certified as an assembly and test house (ATH) for power semiconductors by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) since 2014. We thus offer expertise in creating discrete, highly-reliable power semiconductors with high voltage and current resistance. The components can be supplied as an SMD or THT housing.

Applications for aerospace place high demands on the assembly processes, the housing and the test methods used to qualify the semiconductors. For applications with high power densities, thermal management within the assembly is of decisive importance in guaranteeing the reliability of the component under load. For example, low thermal resistance ensures efficient heat dissipation.

Power MOSFETs for aerospace applications;
High voltage and current resistance;
SMD or THT housing;
DLR-certified as assembly and test houses for power semiconductors more