Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) CSP

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Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) from First Sensor are innovative solid-state silicon detectors with single photon sensitivity. SiPMs are a valid alternative to photomultiplier tubes. The main benefits of these detectors are high gain, extremely good timing performance and low operating voltage.

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The SiPMs are insensitive to magnetic field and have a high integration level. The detectors are optimized for Near Ultraviolet (NUV) or red, green and blue (RGB) light detection with peak sensitivities at 420 nm or 550 nm. The Chip Scale Package (CSP) provides a cost-effective solution with an edgeless SiPM die to maximize the active area.

Typical applications include high energy physics, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, homeland security and analytical instruments.

Special features

  • Single photon sensitivity
  • Light detection from 350 to 900 nm
  • Dark count rate <100/<200 kHz/mm2
  • Superior breakdown voltage uniformity
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Very high gain (106)
  • Extremely good timing performance
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Not damaged by ambient light
  • RoHS compliant Chip Scale Package (CSP)

Further, First Sensor develops SiPM modules which can be adapted to your specific requirements and allow for easy test runs and integration into your systems.

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