Automotive Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Featured Product from Fischer Connectors, Inc.

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Performances of the automotive industry require reliable and safe components to reach the top. Fischer Connectors' solutions include sealed and unsealed connectors, plus power and signal circular connectors for the powertrain and in-car entertainment systems. Tested and proven in crash test simulations, our automotive connectors are engineered for high tolerance to vibrations and shocks, and meet all industry standards for heavy duty and weatherproof performance.

Solutions for automotive applications

  • High density pin placement allows more compact designs
  • Highly reliable performance in tough environments
  • High voltage and high amperage circular connectors easy to mate and unmate
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • IP68 sealed and corrosion resistant
  • Custom-engineered connector and cable assembly solutions available

Automotive product lines

  • ULTIMATE - Rugged, compact and lightweight
  • FIBEROPTIC - Robust optical performance for extreme environments
  • MINIMAX - High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
  • BRASS - Original high performance push-pull connectors
  • ALULITE - When weight matters