Pharmaceutical Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Featured Product from Fischer Connectors, Inc.

Precision and high-performance solutions are a must for the pharmaceutical industry. Fischer Connectors' products are designed to meet the exacting requirements of process manufacturing. Watertight, compact and easy to install and maintain, our high-performance connectors and assemblies include connectors for sensor applications, sterilizable connectors and connectors for pH meters and process monitoring.

Connectors and cable assembly solutions for pharmaceutical applications

  • Lightweight, durable circular connectors
  • Sealed and hermetic connector solutions
  • Sterilizable stainless steel design available
  • Compact, space-saving body styles
  • Highly reliable, long-lasting and secure performance
  • Featuring 360° EMC shielding

Pharmaceutical product lines

  • BRASS - Original high performance push-pull connectors
  • FIBEROPTIC - Robust optical performance for extreme environments
  • MINIMAX - High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
  • ULTIMATE - Rugged, compact and lightweight
  • ALULITE - When weight matters