Custom Process Reactors

Product Announcement from Fluitron, Inc.

Custom Process Reactors-Image

Fluitron offers a complete line of stirred pressure reactors for research, process development and pilot plant applications. Laboratory units to two (2) gallons, as well as pilot reactors to 250 gallons are available in a variety of pressures and materials of construction.

General REACTOR features include:

  • Capacities from 1-liter to 100 gallons, each with a variety of internal dimensions from which to choose
  • Materials of construction including stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys
  • "Low Pressure" reactors from atmospheric to 2,000 psig
  • "High Pressure" reactors to 6,000 psig and above
  • Heating by Electric or Heat Transfer Jacket
  • Magnetic Drive or Mechanical Seals
  • Standard or custom impeller blades
  • Electric, air, or hydraulic motors
  • Bench, floor, or hydraulic/air lift stands
  • Many options/accessories, including sight glasses, torque sensors, cooling coils, ASME code stamps, and more.