PTFE is the Best Electrical Insulator

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PTFE is the Best Electrical Insulator-Image

PTFE is one of the best insulators known. In thin sections, it will insulate to 500 volts per mil. There are grades of PTFE which have even greater dielectric strength. It is frequently used in wire and cable wrap, and to separate conductive surfaces in capacitors. Thick walled close-tolerance extruded tubing is the PTFE shape of choice where machining or drilling long lengths to close tolerances is impossible. Multi-hole tubing can be extruded. PTFE can be machined into standoff insulators, and many different types of high voltage encapsulation devices for electrical components.

PTFE does not melt. It cannot be molded into complex forms like other plastics. However, it is easily machined on all standard equipment, including the most advanced CNC machining equipment. PTFE can be cut, bored, milled and turned using standard tooling. Normally PTFE is machined to tolerances of about plus or minus .005 inches. While closer tolerances are occasionally required, they usually are not necessary. PTFE is very resilient which allows machined parts to conform to most working dimensions.