Thin Film PTFE - 1/2" to 60" Wide Rolls

Featured Product from Fluoro-Plastics, Inc.

Film is available in thicknesses from one mil (.001") up to 20 mils (.020"). Because Fluoro-Plastics uses the most modern skiving technology in the world, interim thicknesses are available; widths from ½" to 60 inches are available in long lengths.

Thin film is a versatile, unsupported hydrophobic membrane with broad chemical compatibility. It is compatible with various sterilizing methods (to 500 deg F, or 234 deg C). For these reasons it is extensively used as a barrier film in many applications.

Thin film is widely used in the wire and cable industry as wrap because of its extraordinary insulating ability. Some specialty PTFE resins can be made into thin film with a breakdown voltage of over 1000 volts per mil.