Vision Machine Measuring System

Service Detail from Fluorocarbon Limited

Vision Machine Measuring System-Image

This Vision Machine Measuring System combines the flexibility of a high-quality zoom lens with the speed of a state of the art digital colour camera:

  • Programmable white LED stage and coaxial light
  • Programmable white LED 4-quadrant ring light
  • High resolution and high-speed CMOS colour camera
  • High-quality zoom optics with interchangeable lenses
  • 7:1 ratio zoom unit for 0.5x to 7x magnification
  • Equipped with TP20 touch probe
  • Full inspection reports printed in minutes

This new equipment offers the followings advantages:

  • Fully CNC programmable;
  • Fragile components measured with limited handling;
  • Reduction in inspection time;
  • Improved reliability in component inspection;

The equipment’s software is based for initiate icon-based operation and features image and analysis techniques for sophisticated X-Y edge detecting and accurate auto-focusing for height measurement.

The highly stable algorithms give excellent repeatability and allow easy part-programming.

The enormously versatile and user-friendly basic software for QUICK VISION measuring systems, the sophisticated structure, practical tools and excellent on-screen representation open up a whole new world of efficient measurement.

With QVPAK, even extremely complex measurement processes can be planned, controlled and evaluated easily.