High Transmission Glan Laser Polarizers

Featured Product from Foctek Photonics, Inc.

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FOCtek specially designed a high transmission Glan Laser Polarizer for online_ordering which requires high transmission. The specially designed polarizer is based on the Brewster Cut crystal, which can improve the transmission from normally >85% to 95%. This polarizer can be made from both Calcite and YVO4.


  • Air-spaced
  • All Brewster's angle Cutting.
  • Mounted with escape windows.
  • High Polarization purity.
  • Suitable for high power online_orderings.
  • High transmission.
  • Brewster angle input.

Call for OEM quantity pricing and Custom Design Polarizer. 
A wide variety of custom design High Transmission Glan Laser Polarizer are available upon request 
Custom Size Mount is available upon request 
AR coated Polarizer is available upon request