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Precision Aspheric Lenses: Laser & IR Optics

Featured Product from Foctek Photonics, Inc.

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Key Features and Applications:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Dive into FOCtek's advanced CNC machining and diamond turning processes, achieving unparalleled precision for aspheric lenses at the nano-level.

  • Versatile Compatibility: These lenses cater to a wide range of materials, crystals, and surface types, making them perfect for diverse optical needs.

  • Optimized for Laser & Infrared: Perfectly crafted for laser and infrared optics, these lenses ensure top-notch optical performance and reliability.

  • Tailored Solutions: FOCtek offers customizable options to meet specific application requirements, ensuring optimal results.

  • Unmatched Precision: Benefit from FOCtek's commitment to high-precision manufacturing, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance.


  • Laser Precision: Excel in laser cutting, marking, and welding applications with these lenses, offering unmatched precision and stability.

  • Infrared Clarity: Enhance infrared imaging systems with superior image quality and resolution, thanks to these specialized lenses.

  • Optical Communication: Drive advancements in fiber optic communication systems, facilitating seamless transmission and processing of optical signals.

  • Medical Innovation: Revolutionize medical devices for laser therapies, diagnostics, and imaging, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

  • Scientific Exploration: Propel scientific research in astronomy, physics, and chemistry with reliable optical components, facilitating precise experiments and observations.