Posidyne Foot Mounted Oil Shear Clutch Brakes

Featured Product from Force Control Industries, Inc.

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The Foot Mounted Posidyne Clutch Brake featuring Oil Shear Technology is oldest the most flexible Clutch Brake in the line. Beginning in 1969 thousands of Posidyne clutch brakes have been producing products around the world. Applications ranging from mining, lumber, and steel to food processing, packaging, and meat packing.

The Posidyne Clutch Brake is available as C Face (smaller sizes), Long Coupled C face (C Face with coupling), Foot Mounted, and Piggy Back (mount the motor on top). The Posidyne comes as a Clutch brake or clutch only. Various logics which is the combination of spring set brake and pressure set brake.

Cooling options include basic, fan cooled, water cooled, oil to air external cooling, and forced lube cooling. Other options include manifold mounted valves, optical encoder, and many custom shaft styles (splined, metric, double keyway).

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