Posidyne X Class Clutch Brakes

Featured Product from Force Control Industries, Inc.

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Out Perform Competitive Clutch Brakes at a Lower Cost

Valued Engineered for the Highest Performance at the Lowest Cost per Cycle Meets Hazardous Duty Requirements

The Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes are designed and tested to operate over 20 million trouble free cycles with only occasional oil changes and no adjustment - ever! This unheard of life expectancy allows the Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes to be used on applications previously thought impossible to do using a clutch/brake.

How many cycles do you require to meet your machines design life? Use the total Life Cycle Calculator shown below to determine expected life for your application.

The new Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes let you eliminate the typical line stops, the frequent clutch/brake repairs and replacements. Here's the reliability you need for today's 24/7 manufacturing demands. Here's speed and precision that can let you run at higher cycle rates and quality levels, or design new machines for higher performance.

The Posidyne X Class clutch brakes are value engineered that are affordable for OEM equipment builders providing top of the line equipment.