Reduce Crane Brake Maintenance on Overhead Cranes

Featured Product from Force Control Industries, Inc.

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The advantages of Brakes with Oil Shear Technology over the competition:

  • Longer Life— 5 to 10 times the service life of most competitive
  • No Regular Maintenance*—There is no regular maintenance
    replacing friction discs, pads, shoes, or coils.
  • No Adjustment—Ever! - The unique design and Oil Shear Technology eliminates the need for any adjustment.
  • Quiet Operation—eliminate the sharp noise, squeal or screech
    of engagement.
  • Higher Cycle Rates—Oil Shear Technology continuously removes heat of engagement in the friction stack.
  • Less Down Time—less chance of failure causing unexpected
  • Totally enclosed—Outdoor, Washdown, or Marine Duty.
    *Annual fluid change recommended for maximum performance and life.