Bi-Directional Clutches

Product Announcement from Formsprag Clutch

Bi-Directional Clutches-Image

The clutch serves as a Bi-Directional Backstop which permits transmission of driving torque from input to output shaft in both directions of rotation, but restrains any feedback torque of the driven load from rotating the output shaft in either direction.

Available in six sizes, the RL Clutch is extremely simple in design and has a minimum number of moving parts. The outer race diameter is the same size as standard bearing dimensions, thus simplifying mounting and providing maximum strength in the assembly.

Operating Principle

With the outer race held in a stationary or fixed position, torque is transmitted as follows:

The control member projects between each pair of opposing sprags and when driving torque is applied to it, each projection first contacts a sprag at point "A" to disengage the sprag from the outer race. Then, the control member drives against the sprag at point "B" to transmit driving torque directly to the output member.

When input torque is reversed, the control member rotates a maximum of 6° to release the opposing set of sprags and then again drives the output member through point "B" on these sprags.

Any feedback torque from the output member is instantly stopped by the wedging of sprags between the fixed outer race and the output member-feedback torque never reaches the control member.