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Clever Combo Supports Cheesemakers' Traditions

Featured Product from Fortress Technology, Inc.

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Family cheesemaker and dairy giant is benefitting from a game-changing food safety inspection solution custom-engineered by Fortress Technology. Combining metal detection and checkweighing into a streamlined twin-lane configuration, this new inspection technology is assisting the household favorite to stay true to its authenticity and consumer food safety promise, while optimizing resources and reducing dairy waste.

With quality and taste as its defining values, the large-scale cheese specialist continues to uphold its legacy. Yet, its deployment of the latest automation and inspection technology means that as a supplier to over 60 countries and a supermarket-basket favorite, the firm is able to maintain its premium global brand integrity

Processing an estimated 11-billion liters of dairy liquids annually, size hasn’t deterred this cheesemaker from staying true to their underlying values. Tasting, approving and signing every cheese batch to accompany these internal quality controls, several of their flagship processing plants now deploy the latest inspection and checkweighing technology from Fortress. In doing so, they ensure products are delivered to consumers and food service enterprises free of contaminants, as well as adhering to the latest Weights and Measures regulations.

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