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Enhance Quality Control with Raptor Checkweigher

Featured Product from Fortress Technology, Inc.

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The Fortress Technology Raptor checkweigher is custom designed to ensure weighing accuracy and compliance with food safety standards. Its robust construction and reliable performance allow it to provide durability and efficiency in demanding production environments.

The checkweigher comes in 100-, 200-, 300-, and 400-mm belt widths. The unit verifies the weight of each product up to 17 lb and rejects non-conforming packs. Defined product application tolerance tables are integrated into the software, while modular electronics facilitate full integration with upstream and downstream equipment.

A conveyor run only (CRO) mode provides an override option to remove the checkweigher control and run the unit as a conveyor. Optional automated Contact 4.0 datalogging and reporting is available to connect machine reporting to back-end reporting software and export in real time.

The checkweigher is designed with user-friendly features and intuitive controls, allowing easy operation and minimal training requirements for staff. Featuring a slim-line design that is crafted to prioritize ergonomic-friendly usage, the control panel is conveniently positioned at the height of the operator for optimal comfort.

By combining the checkweighing and metal detection functionalities into a single system, the unit can streamline quality control operations and strengthen food safety programs while minimizing line space.