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Fluid Dispensing Robotic

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Automatic glue dispenser machine is to spray or dispense the glue automatically for bonding, filling, coating, sealing, filling, dripping, linear/arc/round coating, etc. in the product process.The Dispensing Systems has the capability to integrate the gluing system with XYZ movements for precised glue dispensing. Adhesive epoxy dispensing system,AB glue dispensing equipment,liquid dispenser robot is for easy programming with teaching pendant, it is applicable for various glue types as Silicon,AB adhesive,epoxy resin adhesive, hot glue,transparent paint and for wide application of electronic products, home appliance etc.RTSTEC Automation can fabricate robotic glue dispenser machine to meet your product requirements.

1 Replace the human labor and save labor cost.
2 Simple and convenient operation, high speed and precise control.
3 Realize the precise dispensing by the high-precision motor.
4 High performance Linear structure platform with nice appearance.
5 High-rigidity aluminum alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.