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Robotic screw driving Machine Replace workers

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Automatic Screw Locking Equipment

  • Efficient Batch Operation: Streamline production with rapid screw handling and tightening, reducing manual labor and enhancing productivity.

  • High Reliability and Stability: Ensures consistent and accurate screw locking, improving the overall quality of the assembled products.

  • Intelligent Features:

    • Continuous Feeding: Automatically feeds screws for uninterrupted operations.
    • Constant Torque: Ensures consistent and precise screw tightening.
    • Optional Counting Function: Allows for accurate tracking of screws used.
    • Leak-proof Function: Minimizes the risk of misaligned or unsecured screws.
    • Screw Sliding Teeth and Float Lock Detection: Detects and addresses potential issues during the screw locking process.
  • Versatile Applications:

    • Auto Parts Production: Enhance efficiency and reduce costs in the manufacturing of automotive components.
    • Electronics Assembly: Ideal for computers, displays, mobile phones, printers, circuit boards, and more.
    • Lighting and Motor Assembly: Improve the reliability and speed of lamp and motor production.
    • Battery and Instrument Manufacturing: Precision screw locking for batteries and instruments.
    • Small Parts Assembly: Adaptable for various industries requiring the assembly of small components.
  • Two Structural Options:

    • Hand-held Structure: Offers flexibility and ease of use for manual screw locking tasks.
    • Multi-Axis Structure: Suitable for automated assembly lines with high-volume production needs.

Automatic Screw Locking Equipment (Also Known As: Automatic Screw Locking Machine, Automatic Screw Feeding Machine, Industrial Tightening System)

This equipment automates screw handling and locking tasks, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring reliable assembly in a variety of industries. It eliminates the need for manual screw handling, making it a valuable addition to manufacturing processes.