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OWON XDS Oscilloscope: EMI Pre-Testing Revolution

Featured Product from Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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The XDS Series High-Resolution Oscilloscope by OWON introduces groundbreaking waveform recording and cloning technology, designed to excel in complex and hazardous environments. This technology enables engineers to record waveforms for post-processing, allowing them to master key burst waveforms and recordings at any moment.

The oscilloscope comes equipped with a configured multimeter that serves as a longer-time data sampling recorder. The waveform clone technology, utilizing smart AD/DA technology with a built-in signal generator, ensures precise waveform reappearance, facilitating detailed waveform analysis and noise analysis, particularly for acquiring burst, occasional, and trigger signals.

Engineers now have an innovative choice during verification and debugging, addressing issues that traditional digital oscilloscopes face in analyzing detailed reactions and reproducing waveforms.


  • Waveform Recording and Clone Technology: Master key burst waveforms in complex environments for post-processing.

  • Smart AD/DA Technology: Ensures accuracy in waveform reappearance and facilitates detailed waveform and noise analysis.

  • Configured Multimeter: Functions as a longer-time data sampling recorder for comprehensive data capture.

  • EMI Pre-Test Capability: The oscilloscope, complemented by a spectrum analyzer (to be continued), offers a solution for EMI pre-testing, awakening the industry's interest in electromagnetic interference measurement.


  • Verification and Debugging: Revolutionary technology for detailed reactions and waveform reproduction.

  • EMI Pre-Testing: An effective tool for fast debugging and initial EMI testing, complementing dedicated EMI testers.

Engineers seeking a versatile tool for waveform analysis, noise analysis, and EMI pre-testing should explore the XDS Series High-Resolution Oscilloscope for its advanced features and innovative technology.