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PC Oscilloscope for Automotive Sensor Diagnosis

Featured Product from Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Automotive maintenance engineers benefit from the OWON VDS2064 PC Oscilloscope, a powerful tool for diagnosing and analyzing the performance of magnetoelectric crankshaft position sensors. This virtual oscilloscope, when connected to a notebook computer, provides detailed waveforms, allowing precise assessment of mechanical operations.

The magnetoelectric crankshaft position sensor generates signals as the metal wheel rotates, reflecting changes in the magnetic field and voltage in the circuit. The amplitude of the waveform varies with engine speed, offering insights into the engine's four stages: intake, compression, work, and exhaust.

In a real-world example, the oscilloscope detected abnormalities in the waveform of a Weichai WP7 Zoomlion crane engine after an overhaul, revealing issues with the crankshaft. By analyzing the waveform, maintenance personnel identified excessive runout in the crankshaft, leading to a reduced engine speed.

The OWON VDS2064's features include up to 100MHz bandwidth, a max 1GS/s real-time sample rate, 10M record length, and a user-friendly interface with FFT, X-Y, and waveform views. It offers multi-trigger options, USB isolation for minimal signal interference, and USB bus powering for easy portability.


  • High-performance: Up to 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s sample rate
  • Comprehensive analysis: 10M record length, multi-trigger options
  • User-friendly interface: FFT, X-Y, and waveform views on the same screen
  • Enhanced protection: USB isolation for reduced signal interference
  • Portability: Ultra-thin design, convenient for on-the-go automotive maintenance

Applications: The OWON VDS2064 PC Oscilloscope is an indispensable tool for automotive maintenance, allowing engineers to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot issues in magnetoelectric crankshaft position sensors. Its portability and advanced features make it a preferred choice for professionals in the field.