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XDS Series High Resolution Oscilloscope (Part 1)

Featured Product from Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Lilliput (OWON) pays close attention to high vertical resolution when stepping into time-domain product design. We introduce OWON XDS series high vertical resolution DSO to dig into this topic, then you’ll know whether you already found, or plan to choose right DSO accordingly.

One quality DSO better combines with features as follows -

  • fine frequency response: defined under -3db, necessary bandwidth is another factor, generally, the industry benchmark reads 3 to 5 times frequency.
  • real-time sampling: 4 to 10 times sampling frequency to record the complete signal.
  • memory depth: long-time effective signal capturing and no distortion, supporting replaying of full-recorded waveform. 
  • waveform refreshing rate: tens or hundreds of thousands of times per second, to locate the abnormal signal accurately and promptly.
  • low noise and jitter: get digital trigger system to realize device low noise and proper trigger, integrate with digital filtering function.
  • high vertical resolution: to reduce the difference of measurement result when the vertical scale of measured waveform changes. 
  • auto measurement and statistics.
  • FFT and communication signal analysis tool.
  • high resolution mode: to measure chain waveform and small signal.
  • friendly user interface.
  • n-in-1 working station: built-in multimeter, signal generator, data-logger, frequency counter, etc.