Fujipoly's Sarcon® PG25A

Featured Product from Fujipoly® America Corp.

Sarcon® PG25A is one of Fujipoly's softest and best performing thermal gap filler pads for applications that have delicate components and high compression rates.

When it is sandwiched between components of varying shapes and sizes and a nearby heat sink or spreader, this compliant 2.5 W/m°K material exhibits a thermal resistance as low as 0.42°Cin2/W at 14 PSI.

This advanced formulation is great for applications that require material compression between 30% and 50%.  PG25A is available in four thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 5mm with a maximum sheet dimension of 300mm x 200mm. Sarcon® PG25A can also be ordered in die-cut form to fit almost any application shape. Fujipoly’s new material is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures that range from -40 to +150°C and exhibits a UL94 flame retardant rating of V-0.