RF/Microwave Hermetic Packages

Product Announcement from Fusite

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Thunderline-Z's expert engineering team knows the unique science of designing and manufacturing for hermeticity. We can produce highly customized packages for high frequency and fiber optic electronics with any combination of feedthrus, press-on connectors, tubes, and multi-pin headers.

Thunderline-Z's state-of-the art manufacturing line employs multi-atmosphere and multi-zone oven temperature control, along with the broadest range of soldering technology in the microwave business. We also now provide laser lidding and component insertion services for a complete package solution.

Material Expertise
Thunderline-Z's expertise includes working with Kovar, aluminum, alumina alloys, brass, cold rolled steel (CRS), stainless steel, and Inconel. Our experienced engineers calculate hole sizes, oven profiling, and solder selection to help create a superior package design for direct sealing Kovar or soldering into aluminum. We are also the industry leader in the use of Au/Sn solder, with additional experience with other solders, such as Sn96, Sb5, and Au/Ge. If a hybrid solution using both direct fire and solder is needed, Thunderline-Z can assist in mapping out the proper manufacturing sequence.

Temperature Profiling
One of the keys to ensuring a reliable high-quality hermetic seal lies in establishing proper oven profiles. Thunderline-Z utilizes state-of-the-art multi-atmosphere and multi-zone temperature solder ovens and glass furnaces to create the optimum settings for various material requirements.

As part of the first article evaluation, our operators evaluate each design for thermal mass, temperature coefficient of expansion, fixturing, plating, solder type and other key criteria to establish a precise oven profile for each assembly. Once identified, each oven profile is stored for use in future builds. Whether the need is for a solder module, a matched glass seal, or direct fire assembly, Thunderline-Z has the right combination of equipment and experience to provide customers with a high performance, hermetic package.

Thunderline-Z designs, builds, and controls every aspect of the fixturing used in our assembly process. Proper fixturing is one of the keys to reliability and repeatability of both Thunderline-Z feedthrus and packages. Each requires tight-tolerance and machined carbon fixtures. The design team guides customers through first article units, providing stress testing and mechanical evaluation as required prior to the first volume build. In-house control of these fixtures is a key part of our quality assurance program.