IPM650 Panel Mount Display, Reliable & Precise

Product Announcement from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

IPM650 Panel Mount Display, Reliable & Precise-Image

Universal Design
FUTEK's IPM650 Panel Mount Display is an a multi-purpose display compatible with strain gauge and amplified sensors. Whether your application calls for the use of load cells, pressure sensors or torque sensors, our IPM650 is a reliable tool for continuous automation applications, yet precise enough for delicate medical testing.

4,800 Samples/Second The speed and precision of the IPM650 is very impressive. With processor gathering 4,800 samples per second, you will have plenty of measurable data.

High Accuracy
Accuracy is an integral part of data retention and analysis. Implementing FUTEK's IPM650 into your platform guarantees you an accuracy of 0.001%.

24 Bit Resolution

FUTEK improved the internal resolution of the panel meter series to 24 Bits. This results in improved data collection on your end.

Full Specifications FUTEK's IPM650 holds heightened specifications in comparison to our previous panel mount display. With the ability to store 14 sensor profiles, the IPM650 is a high performance instrument.