350W AC/DC Power Factor Corrected Module

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The GAIA Converter HGMM-350 designates a family of non isolated AC/DC power factor corrected modules dedocated tp Avionics, Military & all High Rel applications. The HGMM-350 family is designed to be compatible with the latest airborne single phase input bus 115VAC/400Hz fixed and variable frequency and shipborne single phase input bus 115VAC/60Hz.


  • Standard half brick package
  • Active PFC : MIL-STD-704, ABD100 compliant
  • Nominal power up to 350W without derating
  • Wide input range 71-180 VAC
  • Variable frequency 360-800 Hz & 47-440 Hz
  • Low input current harmonic distorsion < 10%
  • Individual Harmonic Current compliant
  • Inrush current limitation

The modules accept an AC input voltage ranging from 95Vac to 140Vac and include active power factor that enables a very low level of current harmonic distorsion.

The HGMM-350 is compliant with numerous avionics/military standards requirements among them with :

  • the latest Airbus standards ABD100 :
    • permanent input range : 108-122Vac
    • transient : 71Vac/15ms - 180Vac/100ms
    • variable frequency : 360 - 800 Hz
    • power factor : > 0,95
  • the international standard DO-160D :
    • permanent input range : 100-122Vac
    • transient : up to 180Vac/100ms
  • the US military standard MIL-STD-704E :
    • permanent input range : 108-118Vac
    • transient : 80Vac/10ms - 180Vac/100ms
  • the US military standard MIL-STD-139

Download HGMM350 Series document for more product details.

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