Bopp FI Precision Woven Filter Mesh

Featured Product from G. Bopp USA Inc.

Bopp FI Precision Woven Filter Mesh-Image

With over 200 looms in production, Bopp has long been known for precision woven wire mesh.  With a wide range of weave patterns ranging from plain square weave to Betamesh, there is an answer for every application.  Filinox, a subsidiary of Bopp, alos draws wire that is used in the production of these types of screen  Applications for our filter meshes include chemcial, pharmaceutical, hydraulics, mining, hydraulics, fuel cells, and electronics.

Types of weaves include:

  • Twill Dutch Weave - produces pores down to 5-6 micron absolute and a higher level of mesh stability.
  • Plain Dutch Weave - Useful for high flow rates and low pressure loss.
  • Betamesh - higher pore count than PDW, where the pores on the surface are smaller than the inner pores.  Great for higher flow rates with excellent backwashing.
  • Robusta (Reverse) - characterized by high flow rates and used in vacuum and candle applications.
  • Square Weave - 1 over 1 under weave pattern with equal wires/inch in both warp and weft.  Typical applications incldude sieving/sizing, as well as support screens.

Post-weaving, we sinter 316L, 904L, and C-22 alloys in-house in 48" x 48" sheets down to between 2 and 5 microns.

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