CheckPoint On-Line/Portable TOC Sensors

Product Announcement from GE Analytical Instruments

CheckPoint On-Line/Portable TOC Sensors-Image

Measure low-level total organic carbon (TOC) anywhere,
anytime with the new CheckPoint* Pharma and
CheckPointe On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon
(TOC) Sensors from GE Analytical Instruments.
Affordable, versatile, and ultra-portable, the CheckPoint
Sensors can be used online for continuous monitoring
or hand-carried to any point in a water system for rapid
diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting.

The two CheckPoint models have the same specifications
except as follows:

• The CheckPoint Pharma has a dynamic range of 0.21
to 1,000 ppb and can measure TOC in hot or ozonated
water. It meets US, European, Chinese, and Indian
Pharmacopeia specifications.
• The CheckPointe, which is designed to meet the
greater sensitivity requirements of the semiconductor,
power, and other markets, has a dynamic range of
0.05 to 1,000 ppb.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective -The CheckPoint Sensors use the simple
TOC methodology of measuring initial sample conductivity,
UV oxidation of organics, and a final, post-UV conductivity
measurement (Direct Conductometric). They
provide a reliable low-cost TOC approach useful for
pharmaceutical Purified Water (PW) and Water for
Injection (WFI) and semiconductor ultrapure water (UPW)
monitoring applications.

Rapid Analysis - The two Sensors provide the rapid
results and fast rinsedown required for time-critical
diagnostics and troubleshooting. Featuring a default
measurement every 15 seconds, users can adjust output
intervals from 15 seconds up to eight hours.

Versatility and Convenience - The Sensors can be used
for continuous on-line monitoring, rapid on-line monitoring,
or grab sampling. They also feature advanced digital
communication capabilities, including Ethernet (Modbus
TCP/IP), and a USB port for easy data download.

Easy to Use with Low Maintenance - The reagentless
CheckPoints are easy to operate and need minimal maintenance.
Calibration is typically stable for six months.

Sensor-to-Sensor Matching - The Sensors can be
calibrated to a reference TOC instrument, allowing
excellent low-level TOC sensor-to-sensor matching.

Ultra Portability - The CheckPoint TOC Sensors have
redefined portability and flexibility. The Sensors typically
operate four to five hours using the optional battery, or
continuously with AC power. Weighing just 3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
with battery, the CheckPoint Sensors give you the freedom
to sample anywhere.


Pharmaceutical - The CheckPoint Pharma provides
pharmaceutical manufacturers with a cost-effective
and flexible process monitor for process trending,
screening potential trouble areas, and diagnosing
problems in real time. The CheckPoint Pharma can be
placed at a dedicated point of use or conveniently
moved throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing
facility for multi-point water monitoring, diagnostics,
and troubleshooting. The CheckPoint Pharma comes
with a simple and convenient Standard Operating
Procedure (SOP) to meet installation, operation, and
performance qualification requirements.

Hard Disk, Thin Display, and Semiconductor - The
CheckPointe's low cost and portability gives microelectronics
manufacturers new problem-solving and
diagnostic capabilities. In addition to providing continuous
on-line TOC monitoring to detect critical ultrapure
water changes, the CheckPointe Sensor makes it
possible to quickly check TOC samples from pressurized
or non-pressurized sources. CheckPointe can also
monitor UPW distribution points or fab tools for
potential contamination sources.

Power (UPW, Cation Conductivity Control, Makeup, or
Cogeneration Condensate Polish Control) - The
CheckPointe provides sensitive detection of trace
organic contamination in power feed and loop UPW.
Controlling cation conductivity can be difficult if its

CheckPoint Highlights

• Enables on-line and off-line testing in one instrument
• Display screen and documentation available in
English, Chinese, or Japanese
• Self-contained pump for easy system suitability and
calibration testing
• Ethernet Modbus transmission to facilitate data system
• IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols provided
• User-friendly TOC graph that indicates trends
• Stores 28,800 records with TOC display data accessible
using USB memory stick
• Five-hour battery available for maximum portability as
well as 100-240 volt operation for installed use