Product Announcement from GE Digital Energy

MDS PulseNET-Image

Monitoring and managing the health of your network is a critical and up-front consideration when designing, purchasing, and deploying equipment for your communications system. Equally important is ensuring that you maximize your network's return on assets by increasing system throughput and uptime, improving the utilization of networked devices, and finally, supporting the deployment of maintenance resources when problems surface.

MDS PulseNET™ Network Management Software was designed specifically for MDS Industrial Radio communication systems and satisfies the real-time needs of customers who are responsible for managing them. MDS PulseNET software is unique, as it requires no customization to get started - offering true, out-of-the box functionality.

Key Benefit - Return on Network Assets

  • Driving Resource Efficiency
    • Notify and deploy maintenance resources with the intelligent data required to quickly resolve quipment and radio issues
  • Improving Network Performance
    • Access historical network and equipment performance trending for predictive maintenance to optimize radio availability through predictive maintenance
  • Leveraging MDS Expertise
    • Purpose built and pre-loaded with recommended radio performance thresholds, eliminating the need for guesswork