Product Announcement from GE Digital Energy

MDS WiYZ™-Image

GE's MDS WiYZ™ is an intelligent data acquisition and networking platform combining wireless connectivity for sensors, I/O, instruments and meters with comprehensive network infrastructure solutions for IP/Ethernet and serial, machine-to-machine and back haul communication to host systems and devices. Whether your application requires the collection of data from remote, unpowered sensors or deployment in areas with obstructed communication paths or a bridge for data using the cellular infrastructure to your enterprise network, MDS WiYZ products provide versatile, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective wireless communication for sensors, instruments and I/O monitoring remote assets
  • Improved communication reliability and simplified deployment using standards based, self creating, self healing mesh networking
  • Reduce wiring, power and integration costs using battery powered, field hardened components
  • Automate data collection using any combination of Cellular, WiFi and MDS back haul options for seamless IP/Ethernet and serial communication to remote devices
  • Global unlicensed use in 2.4 GHz spectrum plus GSM and CDMA cellular technology