Powerwave® Acoustic Cleaning Systems

Product Announcement from GE ENERGY Air Filtration

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Powerwave acoustic cleaning systems can significantly improve the cleaning of air pollution control equipment, heat transfer surfaces, material handling and storage equipment, and areas of production where particulate buildup occurs.

Acoustic cleaners are air-operated devices that emit low frequency, high-energy sound waves. The sound waves create vibrations powerful enough to break apart and dislodge heavy concentrations of particulate on surfaces, but gentle enough to not harm the surface. Once the material has been dislodged, gravity and/or gas flow removes it.

Proven applications for acoustic cleaning systems

Boiler tubes/heat exchangers

  • Supplement or replace steam sootblowers
  • Reduce or eliminate opacity spikes associated with sootblowers
  • Remove particulate from rotary or tubular heat exchanger surfaces

Baghouse fabric filters/elements

  • Clean filters by dislodging dust accumulations
  • Reduce cleaning cycles; in some cases, eliminates need for other methods of filter cleaning

Precipitator components

  • Clean ESP inlet baffles and collecting surfaces without mechanical stress
  • Potential for reduced or elimination of conventional rapping

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) equipment

  • Effective and comparatively inexpensive method for cleaning SCR catalyst
  • Primary choice of OEMs on all SCR cleaning systems

Material handling (hoppers, fans, silos, ductwork)

  • Variety of different configurations useful in hoppers, I.D. fans, bins, and ductwork
  • Eliminates sledgehammering, rodding out hopper poke holes, or dangerous work unclogging ash vessels

EGC (Evaporative Gas Cooling) systems

  • Can eliminate buildup on lances or sidewalls of EGC and in-duct humidification systems

Spray dryers

  • Helps break up agglomerates on internal walls of spray dryers
  • Prevents excessive wall deposits which can cause blockages

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