SimPleat™ Industrial Filter Elements

Product Announcement from GE ENERGY Air Filtration

SimPleat™ Industrial Filter Elements-Image

GE's SimPleat™ pleated filter elements deliver a cost-effective option to upgrade from traditional bags and cages to pleated filters. SimPleat filters were developed to help users realize a quicker return on investment. With a temperature limit of up to 180° F (82° C), they are ideal for process applications, including: dryers, extruders, pill coating or tableting, mills and crushers, mixers or blenders, packaging lines, bin/silo vents and nuisance applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Spunbond Polyester media with rigid pleat construction for superior filtration efficiency
  • Increase in filtration of 2X-4X compared to standard bags reduces air-to-cloth ratios and operating DP, and promotes better airflow for increased throughput
  • One-piece unitary design means no need for cages and one-step installation/removal
  • iPLAS* strapping system resists flex fatigue and pleat reversal, extending filter service life
  • Designed to fit most tubesheet holes with no modification to existing equipment in most cases
  • Lower operating differential pressure requires less pulse cleaning, which can mean energy savings
  • Filter components tested for indirect food contact and can be used in applications where FDA acceptance is required